Classes for Elementary Students



It is widely known that music has a positive effect on brain development, academic achievement and behaviour.  Essential to their well-being, children also experience joy through music.  Brenda Beattie Music and Movement Workshops are based on the teachings of Carl Orff who believed: “experience first, then intellectualize.”  The Orff philosophy is holistic, experiential and encourages joyful participation.

In the Brenda Beattie Music and Movement Classes, children will learn the elements of music (beat, rhythm, melody, form, texture, dynamics, and articulation) through vocals, movement, improvisation, and through listening. Individual classes are available for students from junior kindergarten through grade eight.  Encompassing aural, visual and kinaesthetic learners, Music and Movement Classes are for all children.

Classes are designed for forty-five minute intervals and include skill development in both vocals and in playing beat and rhythm.  Children have fun participating in games and activities that re-enforce musical concepts and explore creativity, and that are developmentally-appropriate.  The music used in Music and Movement Classes is based on either North American folk music, or a specified theme or culture.

Brenda teaches Music and Movement Classes at Fine Art and Music Summer Camps,  Acorn Montessori School and Red Tailed Hawk Forest School..

Cost of 45 minute class: $75.00 (minimum of two classes)

Contact Brenda to arrange Music and Movement Classes for your school.