Drum Circles for Children

Recommended for children six and up, Brenda will facilitate a rhythm circle using djembes (African drums) and percussion instruments.  Students will learn basic hand drumming technique and participate in a percussion ensemble where rhythm patterns are layered.   Students will learn the difference between rhythm and beat and will be encouraged to create and improvise their own rhythms during activities.

Twelve djembes and a plethora of percussion instruments are available for use from Brenda Beattie Music.  Children will take turns between playing percussion instruments and playing a djembes.  To accommodate a larger group, twelve more djembes are available to rent for a maximum of twenty-four students.

School Drum Circles

Brenda will come to your school within the Georgian Triangle and facilitate a drumming circle for students aged six and up.  Instruments will be provided up to a maximum group of twenty-four. 

Price will depend on number of students and type of class sought after.