Piano Lessons for Children


Parents who give their children the gift of a musical education start them out on a path that will enrich their lives in so many ways. Studying music promotes brain growth, develops fine motor skills and discipline, and brings happiness to both the performer and all who listen. 

You, as a parent, want these benefits for your child, but you might be wondering when to begin piano lessons.  Not all children will be ready to start piano lessons at the same age but I recommend waiting until your child is around seven.  By then, most children’s hands have grown enough to be comfortable using a keyboard and they have developed some finger independence.  

Probably the most important thing is your own child’s desire to learn the piano.  You don't want piano practice, which is essential in moving forward, to become a daily battle.  Can you visualize your child happily sitting down five days a week to practice?  If the answer is yes, then your child is probably ready to start.


Brenda Beattie Music provides private music instruction in jazz and classical piano up to grade eight in Royal Conservatory. Lessons in recorder, beginning vocals and in music theory are also available.

Lessons are conducted in Brenda’s home, a 19th century converted school house.  Alternately, Brenda will come to your house with a minimum of an hour lesson.  For this service, a charge of 35 cents per klm is added to the cost of the lessons.

Rates for private lessons:

30 min = $30.00

45 min = $40.00

60 min = $50.00


Music Lessons are a commitment.  Students are expected to practice between lessons so that steady progress is attained.  The amount of practice time allotted depends on level and goals.

Lessons run from the second week in September to the second or third week of June. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice which goes out on the last Monday of each month..  If a lesson is missed, a make-up time will be offered that suits both parties.