Drum Circles for Adults

BM Drum Circle.jpg

Recent research indicates that drumming boosts the immune system, accelerates physical healing and relieves stress. Drumming also facilitates increased coordination and improves focus and concentration.

The practice of drumming together is a unifying and empowering experience; it develops teamwork through cooperation, support and communication. Synchronizing physical, emotional and spiritual components of our well-being, drumming is also a lot of fun!

Using djembes (African hand drums) and world percussion instruments, participants learn basic hand drumming techniques and engage in rhythmic grooves in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Opportunities for creativity, self-expression and improvisation are incorporated into activities. No previous drumming or musical experience is necessary.

Brenda Beattie Music provides all instruments, up to a group up twenty-four. Prices are subject to group size, frequency and location.